Sahara Dream Desert Tour

Ever wanted to ride a camel into the Sahara Desert? Or sleep under the African stars and moon? You can!

Looking back on my trip to the Sahara Desert, it was one of the most amazing experiences by far! I had always dreamed of going to Africa, riding a camel, sleeping in a tent in the desert, and meeting people from all over the world. This trip was an experience like no other, literally like a movie!

Tips:  We originally landed in Marrakesh and spent one full day there before spending the next two days in the desert. We booked a riad on airbnb for one night. There are sooo many to choose from and all beautiful, unique, and cheap!

There are many desert trips you can choose from, we personally booked ours on You can choose one night to 4 nights riding to different cities on the  back of a camel and camping. Choose the best option for you. Either way, you won’t regret it!


Our trip started with an 8 hour drive to the desert with interesting stops along the way. The most exciting stop was Ait Benhaddou. Movies like Indiana Jones, Gladiator, Games of Thrones, Prince of Persia, King Tut, and many many more have been filmed there! We also got to check out the city and the homes of the villagers. They were some of the most humble and nicest people I’ve met.


After our very long drive, we finally arrived to the desert. We all got out of the van and were assigned our camels. I named mine Couscous! (haha I’m funny) We took a beautiful one hour ride during sunset into our camping site.

P.s. Very comfortable, so much better than riding a horse.


Once we arrived at our camping site, we were given Berber whiskey (green tea) and traditional Moroccan cookies. We got to meet the other travelers from all over the world. We gathered around and talked and had an amazing dinner; traditional Moroccan tangine, couscous, and more Berber whiskey!


After a delicious dinner, our host made us a bomb fire. They sang Moroccan songs while beating their bongos and inviting the guest to play with them. We spent the night dancing and singing “waka waka eh eh” with the other travelers and had a great time. At the end of the night we huddled around the fire and talked as we stared at the stars until we couldn’t. The desert stars sparkled so brightly that they lit the entire desert night’s sky.


The next morning we had breakfast (crepes, jams, fruits, tea) and set out for our one hour ride back to our van. We watched the sunset and said goodbye to the amazing Sahara Desert. On our 8 hr drive back, we made more stops to little cities until we reached our destination in the center Marrakesh.


We visited a city called Ouarzazate. Where we had a carpet education class, explored the street art, and discovered beautiful door ways. If you would like to experience this dream, check out the deals for Desert Tours in the city of your choice. I promise you won’t regret it and you’ll never forget it!


XOXO, Le Papillion


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