Venice Travel Guide

Imagine strolling down cute streets, eating real Italian gelato, all while taking in the beautiful cathedral and colorful houses along the river. Although Venice is a little island, there is so much to do. Here is my ultimate guide to Venice, Italy!

Tips: The most common way to get around Venice is walking. They are water taxis if you have stuff you’re carrying or don’t want to walk- but they are pricey! However, they also have water buses. Similar to a metro but on the water, you can also buy a pass that you can use during your entire trip.

Accommodation: We stayed at Camping Village Jolly, which is a huge camping site with a tennis court, bar, laundry mat, pool, and hundreds of cabins. We booked a basic one bed for two people cabin and were more than happy with the room. They also have a shuttle service to and from the airport and free shuttle to the actual island of Venice (25 min outside the island).

Here are a few things to see and do during your stay in Venice! Ciao

Gondola Ride

Of course you can’t go to Venice and not ride a gondola! Riding a gondola was a very cute and movie like experience. There are many gondoliers along the river that you can book right then and there. The cost is 80€ for a 40 min ride and 100€ after 7pm.

Italian Food

When in Venice, eat everything! I had soo much gelato, spaghetti, ravioli, lasagna, and limencello (they’re famous lemon liquor). Anddd it was totally worth the extra weight. You can randomly choose a cute restaurant or check out the reviews for specific options. However, you can’t really go wrong in Venice!

Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge is the most famous in Venice, and it’s very easy to see why. We walked around Venice for two days and always found ourselves back at this bridge. You can also pick one of the many restaurants with this view, so sit and have some pasta! Buon Appetito!

St. Marks Basilica



Grand Canal Cruise

Piazza San Marco

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