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This travel packing guide covers the most important things I bring on each of my trips. As a frequent traveler, I like to invest in high-quality, lightweight, and durable objects that I can take everywhere. The last thing I want is to keep re-buying the same thing, or waste time and money searching for something in a new city.

Also, don’t forget to update your cloud to automatically save your pictures, activate find my iphone, don’t forgt your passoprt, and make sure to bring a pinted version of tickets, tours, itnerary, etc.

Below you’ll find my travel gear packing guide that I use and love!

TRTL neck pillow

This neck pillow is perfect for people who have trouble sleeping on planes! It has neck brace support and a super comfortable wrap, although it doesn’t look like a normal neck pillow, its the best investment that’s helped me on all my flights. So worth it!



I’ve had a million travel backpacks that all hurt my shoulder and back and it is not fun. I recently got this backpack as Christmas present and I love it! It’s super cute, comfortable, and I can fit everything I need.


Portable Charger

This charger is amazing, it is literally a life saver! You can charge up to 5 devices at once. I like to charge it throughout the night and carry it with me during the day and I never have to worry about my phone dying again. And it literally lasts up to two days! Crazy. It is a little bulky, but 100% worth it!


TSA approved luggage lock

Apart from these locks being super colorful and cute, they’re TSA approved and perfect for a luggage or backpack. You can’t ever be too prepared when protecting your stuff in a hotel, locker, car, or anywhere else.



Digital luggage scale

This little device can help you weigh your luggage before you get to the airport and avoid those over weight fees. It’s perfect and little so it easily fits anywhere.


Universal adapter

I cannot stress enough how much you need this! Specially when traveling to different countries with different outlets. It is great for charging phones, laptops, and most low powered devices. But they DO NOT work with high power devices, this is NOT a converter. Using high power devices will blow a fuse or worse. So be careful!


RFID wallet

Having a RFID wallet, purse, or other accessories will keep your credit card information safe from hackers. Hackers only need 1 seconds and a small scanner to steal your information without even knowing it. And always beware of pick pockets!


Packing cubes

Packing all your extra clothes you don’t need is hard enough, having these packing cubes helps tremendously with organizing your clothes and gives you more space for your stuff. Not only do they help you organize, they help you keep track of what you have and help you get ready faster!



Make sure not to forget these bad boys, who doesn’t want to listen to La Vie en Rose while walking down the beautiful of Paris. Or ignore the guy snoring next to you on your flight. Having headphones will make your trip more fun and entertaining!


Travel water bottle

We all know buying water bottles over and over can get expensive, instead you can buy a cute and foldable water bottle! You can refill your bottle straight from the sink in certain countries like France ,Denwark, Sweden, Austria, but also check before you do so.


Toiletry bag

As a girl, I have a lot of stuff I need to take with me. A toiletry bag is an important essential for me to keep my lotion, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, etc. It keeps everything together and organized and just a great tool for travel.


Walking shoes

In every city you visit, you’ll always find yourself walking so making sure your feet are happy- is important! Although cobble stone streets are beautiful, they’re a pain to walk on. It’s important to wear the right shoes to avoid discomfort, cuts, and being miserable during your trip. Make sure your shoes are comfortable, fit well, and broken in.


Of course when you’re traveling you need a charger! I’ve personally experienced my charger breaking on me during a trip and having to go out of my way to buy another one. You can’t go wrong taking two chargers.

Tips: Before heading on your trip, make sure to update cloud to save your pictures, activate find my phone, don’t forget your passport, and make sure to print everything you need ahead of time- tickets, iternary, tours, etc.


XOXO, Le Papillion


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