Check List Before You Go


Before heading out of the country, make sure your passport is up to date! Some countries require your passport be at least 3-6 months away from expiration. Most countries allow travelers to visit for up to 90 days visa-free, but NOT all. You will need to check online whether or not you need a visa BEFORE traveling because it could take a while to get it.


Money, Money, Money!

So I had to learn this the hard way but, most European countries do not accept the credit cards without the chip. So make sure you get a card WITH a chip unless you wanna be like me- with no money. Also, always alert your bank before you head out so they don’t block your card and make sure you have a credit that doesn’t charge foreign exchange fees or one you could pull money out of the ATM upon arrival without a fee, or exchange your dollars for euros at you bank for free before heading out.



So you have your plane tickets, your accommodation, now it’s time to research everything about the city and make a list of places you want to see, eat at, everyday phrases, currency, and transportation. Knowing all these things ahead of time will help save you time and stress upon arrival.


Plan Your Day

We all know getting lost in a city is great, but not planning your day can end up with you not seeing everything you wanted and waste time. Especially on the first day, youre tired and jetlafg and need to figure out how to get to your room, etc. Plan your way from the airport to the room to save stress and save time. And have a list of places you want to hit, sure you can do it all randomly but having a little structure can help you stay on track and visit all the places you wanted to!


Stay Connected

Guys I cannot stress this enough, ALWAYS leave your trip information to someone back home. I always send my dad all my information of every place I go to- flight/hotel/etc. I also make copies of my passport, itinerary, travel insurance, emergency phone numbers, tours, and tickets. Better safe than sorry!


Be Prepared

Make copies of your travel documents, including your passport, itinerary, travel insurance policy, emergency phone numbers, any tour confirmations, and leave them with a friend or family member back home. Scan and email copies to yourself so you always have an electronic copy in reach in case you lose your hard copies.


Pack Right

So after packing a million times and always over packing, I finally decided to learn how to start right. Packing cubes are a huge help with this! Make sure you check the airport regulation to see eht items are prohibited. Also to save time, make sure to pack your toileteries in a clear and any liquids/gekls weigh 30z. or less! Read up on airport and airline regulations while your packing for your trip, because so many items are now prohibited to bring on your carry-on. Anything over that shoud go in your luggage.


Dress Comfortable

No one wants to be stuck in tights and heels for hours! So ditch the skin tight clothes and uncomfortable shoes and throw some sweats and walking shoes. You can also take change of clothes/shoes to put on at the airport before leaving if you want to look cute before heading out.

For more tips check out travel essentials and how to pack light!


XOXO, Le Papillion


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