Start Planning

1. Pick where you want to go

Deciding where to go is important, there are so many places around the world you can visit!




2. How will you get there?

There are plenty of airlines out there airlines out there with discounts. You can also save if you book your flight date during the week!


Try some of these:


Wow Airlines:

Icelandic Air:

Student Universe:


Local: US & Europe






3. Where will you stay?

You have millions of options! From hotels, resorts, family/friends, etc.

There are also fun ways to explore the city through accommodation! Checkout some of these!



Hostels can be a fun place to stay and super economic and a great way to meet other travelers



Airbnb is a great website that allows you to stay in people’s homes. Y0u can rent their living, a room, or their whole apartment.

For free $40 – use my link:



Stay on people’s couches for free and make friends while you’re at it!

And it’s free!



4. Getting Around

Plan how you will get to your destination from the airport

Check out the city’s transportation system and use it to save money!


Check the area for Uber or Lyft

For $5 off Lyft use:


Maybe you want to take a day trip, check out





5. Things to do/Things to eat

If you’d like, you can make a list of restaurants, bar clubs, or events before you go.

You can search for the best restaurants or must try foods in the city and pin it on  your map

You can look at the cities website or my “Things to do” tab to see what’s happening during your stay


You can also search for the best bars/clubs according to your taste and plan your weekend in advance!



6. Prepare for your trip

Make sure your passport is up to date!

Check the requirements for visiting each country- visa requirements and immunizations.

Make copies of important documents- passport, tickets, accommodation, etc.

Prepare for phone/wifi access (call your carrier for international plans)

Make sure to plan how you will access your money (credit cards, pre-paid, checks, cash etc.)



7. Packing

Don’t forget to pack smart! Unless you want to pay for baggage fees only take the things

you need! Keep in mind the airline restrictions on size, weight, and height. Also don’t forget

the oz size for liquids and the restrictions on things you cannot take where you are going.

And of course, leave yourself room for souvenirs!



8. Get ready to go

Confirm and check-in your flight

Find your way to the airport

Make sure you have everything

Put a smile on and enjoy your trip!


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