Travel Tips

Discounts! Descuentos! Réductions!


1. Be flexible with flight date

If possible, give yourself flexibility on your flight date- even cheaper if you can fly during week days!

2. Discounts

Check for airlines that give student discounts or cheap airfair such as:

3. Stay in cheap accommodation

You can save money by staying in hostels , Airbnb, or even couch surfing which is free.

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This is a great website to compare different hostels:

4. Use reward programs

If you know you’ll be using the same airline or hotel site multiple times, sign up for a free account and start collecting points.  Eventually you’ll reach a free night or discounted tickets!

5. Use a pre-paid card

Using pre-paid cards can save you transaction fees, conversion rates, and is a good way to carry your money and keep it safe. It has easy cancellation just in case and can be used in almost every country. Make sure to research which card would work best for the country/countries and length you will be staying for.

* Don’t exchange your cash at airport! Although it might be convenient, they have the highest exchange rate. Instead look for one  throughout the city. However, one of the best options is to pull out cash from your ATM card once in your destination. Try not to pull out cash multiple times since ATM’s take out $5 every time! You can also use a credit card without foreign exchange fees such as Capital One (total life saver and gives cash back on every purchase!).

6. Visit Museums on Sunday

Every first Sunday of the month all museums are free! Including Musée du Louvre, but make sure to check the times and availability before going.

7. Use student ID

If you are a student or 26 and under- you qualify for a discounted or free ticket to attractions, museums, etc. Always ask about their discounts before buying a ticket!

8. Buy in bulk

When it comes to transportation, the best deal is to buy in bulk – but only if you’ll be there long enough to use them. If not, single passes are fine- but keep the ticket until you are out of the metro system so  you don’t get a ticket!

You can also rent a bike, or even cheaper- walk! It’s free and a great way to explore the new city you’re in.

9. Talk to the Locals

This is how we travel. We love getting insider tips from locals. It can go a long way to good advice, a friendship and even a discount. A good ice-breaker is to ask for directions or simple advice (“where’s a good restaurant?”)

10. Cook your own food

Apart from trying the typical must have foods or fancy restaurants, try saving money by buying your own groceries and making some meals at home.

11. Do the free stuff

Every city has things you can do without spending anything! See a free street concert, fairs, events, walk the parks, swim at the beach/lake, visit a market, or climb a mountain. All these things can add great excitement to your and your wallet! Now you can buy that beer you were craving!

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